Are You Ready To RISE?

Over the course of just four months, I’ll teach you how to overcome obstacles, create opportunities and reach new heights in your career.

Do You Often Wonder Why You’re Not
Getting Promoted?

Are you not being recognised for the hard work you put in?

Do you feel like you’re not getting the opportunities to grow your career and build relationships with senior people in your company?

It’s incredibly frustrating when your contribution isn’t valued highly enough, and the effort you put in isn’t matched by the respect you receive in return. Especially if you’re not getting any feedback about what’s stopping you from being more successful.

How are you meant to take control of your future when you don't know what's standing in your way?

Do You Feel Like You’re Stuck In A Rut?

I meet so many smart, talented women who are brilliant at what they do, but their career isn’t progressing as fast as they want it to.

They feel stuck on a career plateau and they don’t know how to get past it.

They want to make a difference and their work ethic would put many people to shame. They know they have the potential to get better results. But there’s something missing. 

They deserve to have a brilliant career. And so do you!

It’s Not As Hard As You Think To Build The Skills And Confidence To Step Up In Your Career.

All You Need Is For Someone To Show You The Way.

That’s exactly what you’ll get with RISE.

Hi I’m Gillian Fox.

I use my own business experiences to help talented women rise and be successful.

Before I started my coaching and leadership business, I had a successful career in media and magazine publishing.

By the time I was 31, I was leading a team of more than 100 people and a portfolio of publications. I became an Executive Board member and gained valuable insights into leadership and how to influence people.

Throughout my career I worked for and with a lot of women, and I saw the same pain points I had experienced in my own career come up again and again. I started the Gillian Fox Group because I realised I could share my experiences and insights with other women to help them achieve career success. 

These days, as well as being a business owner and entrepreneur, I’m also an author, keynote speaker, executive coach and women’s career expert. 

For 15 years, I’ve led gender diversity and leadership programs for some of the largest organisations in Australia. I’m recognised as a leading business educator, as well as an expert in the area of women’s career advancement.

Nothing brings me more pleasure than helping talented women achieve the success they deserve. I look forward to helping you rise and reach new heights in your career.

You Can't Be Successful With Only Pure Motivation Or A Set Of Empowering Beliefs.

And You Can't Power Ahead In Your Career With Practical Skills Alone.

You need both.

What RISE Is

Honest, straight-talking advice about how successful people get to the top

Skills and strategies to help you get unstuck and build your brilliant career

An incredible community of like-minded women

Access to expert coaches who work with you one-on-one to develop your personalised career development plan

Limited to a small number of participants so you get effective and personal attention

A supportive environment where you have the freedom to be yourself and share your ideas, concerns and challenges

What RISE Isn’t

Boring, generic tips you’ve heard a hundred times before

A one-size-fits-all approach to career development

An easy, hands-off program that you’ll lose interest in

Focus on group learning rather than highly personalised one-on-one coaching

Huge group workshops where you’ll be too intimidated to speak up

A rigid and stifling program that doesn’t suit your unique needs and challenges

How To Know If You’re Ready To RISE

You’ve been working for a while now, maybe with a couple of promotions under your belt, but you feel like you’ve stalled.

You recently started a new role (congratulations!) and you want to learn how to make your value visible straight away.

You want to achieve more, make your voice heard and gain the confidence to ask for what you deserve.

You want to take your career in a new direction, but you’re not sure what you should do and how to take that big step.

You worry that you don’t have the right skills or behaviours to progress further in your career.

You’re not getting any feedback at work, and the lack of growth opportunities is making you feel uninspired and invisible.

You want to know how to ask for a pay rise or promotion, impress your senior stakeholders, and stay calm under pressure.

I’m Ready. Sign Me Up Now!

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I’ve Coached More Than 1,000 Women To RISE

I understand the challenges you face at this stage in your career, because I faced them too. Most importantly, I know how to help you overcome them.

From my early days struggling to find my feet in a corporate environment, to becoming a senior executive managing over 100 employees, and now running my own coaching and leadership business, I’ve learnt the tactics and strategies to make yourself stand out and cultivate a fulfilling career. 

That’s what I want to share with you.

RISE gets results because it’s based on practical advice, actionable steps and plenty of support.

A quarter of participants get promoted within six months of starting the program. More than half are promoted within 18 months.

Never Experienced Career Coaching Before?

You’re in good company – many RISE participants have never worked with a career coach before.

This one-on-one coaching is what sets RISE apart from other career programs. For many participants, it’s their absolute favourite part.

Maybe you’re fortunate enough to have a great manager you can talk to about your career aspirations. But it’s a completely different experience having a confidential, in-depth conversation with a professional career coach who isn’t part of your company. You can be 100% honest about what you want from your career, and they’ll help you work out what’s holding you back from achieving it. 

There’s no hidden agenda. You don’t have to watch your words. The coaching sessions are entirely for your benefit, and they’re all about you.

Here’s How RISE Helps You Build Your Brilliant Career

RISE is a lot more than a career development program. It’s fun, inspirational, and will change the way you see your career and what you’re capable of achieving. 

Through a combination of group workshops, an inspiring guest speaker, exercises and in-depth individual coaching sessions with an expert career coach, you’ll gain the knowledge, skills and motivation to overcome your challenges and step up in your career with confidence.

You’ll also create a network of incredible, like-minded women who you can confide in and rely on in the months and years to come.

At the end of the program, you’ll walk away with a clear plan outlining the practical steps you need to take to reach your career goals.

Live introductory group workshop to meet your network and set your goals. The workshop is help in Sydney and you can choose to attend in-person or online.

Individual online coaching session with an experienced career coach to understand your unique challenges.

Group online coaching session to start putting ideas into actions

Individual online coaching session to finalise your plan

Live group session to discuss what you’ve learnt and what steps you’re going to take. This session is held online.

Time to put your new plan into action!

Smart Women Are Tired Of Generic Career Tips.

How many times have you heard ‘Fake your confidence’, ‘Network for success’ and the dreaded ‘lean in’? They’re all waffle with no substance. They focus on what but not how.
With RISE I show you how to go deeper and focus on the practical steps you need to take to get the brilliant career you’ve always wanted.

Whatever You Want From Your Career And Your Future, RISE Can Show You How To Get There.

One of the best things about RISE is it can be adapted for whatever goals you want to achieve.

Maybe you want a promotion. Or you want to be more respected and valued at work. You might already have the job of your dreams, and you need some expert advice about how to make the most of it.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn

How to get recognised without blatant self-promotion

How to handle negative feedback like a pro

Easy tips to increase your influence and command more respect in your workplace

Why you need to build relationships with mentors and sponsors – and how to do it the right way

Foolproof methods to initiate and manage difficult conversations

How to successfully navigate office politics without getting dragged down

Strategies to build your career confidence so you can be more assertive and decisive in the workplace

Clever tools to help you manage difficult stakeholders and stressful work situations

Practical advice about how to ask for a pay increase or impress a senior stakeholder

Tips for how to excel at work without sacrificing a full homelife And much more!

A Quarter Of RISE Participants Get Promoted Within Six Months Of Starting The Program.

More Than Half Are Promoted Within 18 Months.

RISE Is An Investment In Your Future.

The four-month program costs $2,600 + GST.

That includes:

3 x group workshops with an inspiring C-suite guest speaker

2 x individual coaching sessions with an expert career coach to hone in on your unique needs and challenges

A clear plan for how to implement everything you’ve learnt

A copy of my book ‘Woman of Influence’

Access to a community of smart, like-minded women that will become your support network

My honest and practical career advice based on my depth of business experience

Skills, insights and strategies that will set you up for the rest of your brilliant career

If this was an in-organisation program, it would cost $5,500 for these inclusions and level of commitment. I offer RISE at less than half that price because I want to teach talented women like you how to own your career and achieve amazing things. 

I’m so sure you’ll love RISE that I offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee. 

If you decide the program isn’t right for you after attending the introductory group workshop and first coaching session, and doing the work assigned to you, I will refund 100% of your payment.

Want Your Boss To Foot The Bill?

It’s easy to put forward a compelling case to your boss for why you should participate in
the RISE program (and why they should pay for it). Just follow these three steps:

1. Organise a conversation with your manager to discuss the program. To make this as
easy as possible, you can use the wording in this guide.  

2. Before your meeting, print out your most recent performance review and the RISE Information Guide.

3. During your discussion, match your development areas in your performance review
with the deliverables in the information guide.

They’ll be on board in no time!

Do You Have Questions About RISE? Great, I Have Answers!

If you have a question I haven’t covered, please email it to

Are You Ready To Rise?

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Enrolments open soon for the next RISE Program.

Join the waitlist now so you don’t miss out! We’ll let you know as soon as the doors are open.