How to Self-Promote at Work (When You Don't Like to Self-Promote)

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Ever feel like you're the best-kept secret in your organisation?

If you're a woman invested in your career, striving to enhance your visibility at work and earn the recognition you deserve, you're already aware of the need to grasp the essentials of self-promotion.

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  • It's a one-hour session delivered online.

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  • It's a chance for you to add some practical strategies to your career advancement toolbox.

  • It's an opportunity to invest in your own development. 

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By the end of this one-hour session, you will:

  • Stop dismissing self-promotion as only for the self-centred.
  • Have the skills to eloquently speak up and showcase your value like a senior leader.
  • Understand that doing less but showcasing your contribution more leads to better results.
  • Master the 'right' language and strategic approach to ensure others recognise your true worth.

As a BONUS for attending, receive five ready-to-use scripts to showcase your achievements effectively.

Learning the leadership language and delivering compelling messages makes self-promotion immediately feel much easier.


This webinar will transform your approach to self-promotion

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Hi, I’m Gillian Fox.

I use my own business experiences to help talented women rise and be successful. 

Hi, I’m Gillian Fox.

I use my own business experiences to help talented women rise and be successful. 

Before I started my career coaching and women’s leadership and development business, I had a successful career in media and magazine publishing.

By the time I was 31, I was leading a team of more than 100 people and a portfolio of publications. I became an Executive Board member and gained valuable insights into leadership and how to influence people.

Throughout my career I worked for and with a lot of women, and I saw the same pain points I had experienced in my own career come up again and again.

I started the Gillian Fox Group because I realised I could share my experiences and insights with other women to help them achieve career success. 

These days, as well as being a business owner and entrepreneur, I’m also an author, keynote speaker, executive coach and women’s career expert. 

For 15 years, I’ve led gender diversity and leadership programs for some of the largest organisations in Australia. I’m recognised as a leading business educator, as well as an expert in the area of women’s career advancement.

Nothing brings me more pleasure than helping talented women achieve the success they deserve.

I hope you’ll join me for this FREE webinar so I can inspire you to think differently about your career and use the practical tools from the session to create the kind of change that excites you.