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The RISE program is the first step to creating the career you deserve.

Are You Ready To RISE?

My name is Gillian Fox and nothing brings me more pleasure than helping women achieve the success they deserve.

If you want to build the skills and confidence to step up in your career, check out the RISE program.

It is more than a career development program. It’s fun, inspirational, and will change the way you see your career and what you’re capable of achieving.

I know you’re ready to do the hard work. You wouldn’t be here otherwise.

Whatever you want from your career, I can show you how to get there.

From my early days finding my feet in a corporate environment, to becoming a senior executive managing over 100 employees, and now running my own coaching and leadership business, I’ve learnt the tactics and strategies to make yourself stand out and cultivate a fulfilling career.

Let me help you take control of your future and create your brilliant career.

Has Your Career Reached A Plateau?

It happens to so many smart and professional women. After years of hard work and even several promotions, their pathway to career advancement loses direction.

Like you, they are talented and have so much more to offer but don’t know how get off the plateau and get their career moving again. They want to demonstrate their value and advance their careers, but they are just not sure how.

With RISE, you’ll learn how to fast track your success through our four month career coaching program. My goal is to equip women with the skills and strategies to own and progress their careers.

What’s more, one of the best things about RISE, is it can be adapted to whatever goals you want to achieve. Maybe you want a promotion. Or you want to be more respected and valued at work. You might already have the job of your dreams, but you need some guidance on how to make the most of it.

Whatever you want from your career and your future, RISE can show you how to get there.

Do You Want To Unlock A Brilliant Career?

In the RISE program, you learn step by step how to transform your career and future.  

An inspiring C-suite guest speaker

I’ve seen repeatedly how inspirational it can be to hear the real story of a senior female executive’s journey to the top.

Work 1:1 with an expert career coach

You don’t go it alone in this program. Our one-on-one coaching is what sets RISE apart from other career programs.

Overcome your biggest sticking points

Acquire the practical skills and strategies to help you get unstuck and create your brilliant career.

Discover what makes you unique and valuable

Do you know what differentiates you from your competitors or colleagues? In the RISE program you learn how to build a reputation that sets you apart.

Meet an amazing network of women

You’ll meet like-minded women who are also there to develop new skills and take their careers to new heights.

Get loads of career resources

The workbook alone is 50 + pages and is full of amazing content, not the boring generic tips you’ve heard a hundred times before.

Meet The Women Who Have Unlocked Their Brilliant Career

Your Brilliant Career Podcast

The Your Brilliant Career Podcast is your go-to resource for getting the most out of your career.

It includes tactics, tools and stories that all help incredible women like you achieve the success you deserve. Check out the latest episodes here.

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