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Having confidence in yourself and your abilities at work makes a career so much more enjoyable. You stop second-guessing yourself, gain more courage, and feel more certain in your decisions, making you more decisive and effective. Confidence helps you embrace opportunities, overcome challenges, and achieve your career goals with greater ease and satisfaction.

If you’re dealing with imposter syndrome, feeling stuck, or stretched too thin, but your work and career are truly important to you, then join my FREE Career Confidence Challenge. This three-day challenge is designed to help you transform your confidence and career. Each session is 45 minutes long, filled with actionable strategies and insights to ignite your potential.

The first session is 12 pm Tuesday, 30 July 2024



Free 90-minute masterclass identifying 3 strategies that will enable you to lead more, do less and showcase your value



The 'Your Brilliant Career' Podcast is your go-to resource for getting the most out of your career. Listen for tactics, tools and stories to help you achieve the success you deserve.



It's time to take your career to the next level. Check out our fortnightly blog for free tips and strategies to build your skills, challenge your thinking and fast track your career success.



In Woman of Influence, twelve inspirational female leaders share their career journeys and their valuable insights into women’s career advancement. Here's your sneak peak.


Make your value visible 

Three strategies to amplify your accomplishments and boost self-confidence. Apply the strategies outlined in this guide and see what is possible for you and your career.


How to ask for a raise

I’ll show you how to prepare for a successful salary negotiation, how to track your successes, how to approach the actual conversation, and what to do if the conversation goes pear shaped.


Land your next promotion

I'll discuss why women struggle to land their next promotion, beliefs that won't support your career success, and practical activities and tips to enable you to step up. 


Future proof your career

Is your career progressing the way you want it to? You need to actively and regularly adjust your career path to make sure you’re staying agile, relevant and valued in your business environment.


Communicate confidently 

Feel empowered with new tools to engage and communicate confidently in your interactions with senior leaders, and access the development opportunities that come from greater visibility.


How to say 'NO'

Learning to say NO is a skill, and it is available to all of us. It requires understanding your relationship with the word NO and letting go of those people-pleasing tendencies.


Influence and impact

Enhance your influence and impact through language. Download this cheat sheet for practical strategies and examples that you can implement immediately to build trust and credibility.